Meet the Team!


Our Team is very original and different from any other italian restaurant.

Italian Chefs are supported by a very Cosmopolitan group of people from all around the world, without never loosing the real italian spirit!

Coming from Italy (...of course), India, Iran, France, Mongolia, Mexico, Germany, Colombia, Brazil, Pakistan and Australia, our eclectic staff will be prepared to advise you about italian food in more than 10 different languages...just in case you don't speak english :-)



We're open from 10am till late


Samantha Latina - HEAD CHEF - (Italy)


Born 23 years ago in a very small town in the middle of Sicily, Samantha decided to come to Australia 4 years ago. She took with her the book of Grandmas recipes and a the passion for cooking.

Her skills and knowledge was quickly noticed and today she is the Head Chef you might hear speaking loudly in italian if you come to dine in Maccaroni.

Mauro Bisignano​ - OWNER and GENERAL MANAGER - (Italy)


He dedicated most of his life to create great projects as an architect in Sicily. Without putting aside his dream to come to Australia, 8 years ago he decided to change his life and follow the other biggest passion of his! He arrived in Australia without speaking english and brought with him the most famous sicilian traditional receipts. With the help of the rest of his family he opened his first small restaurant in the CBD of Melbourne. Today Maccaroni is four times bigger and one of the most popular italian restaurant in Melbourne.



Born in Sicily, whit an international experience in Dubai, Davide is one of the leader of this little italian restaurant and he works everyday to deliver the best italian dining experience to his customers.

Last but not least...he is also the sun of the owner.

Rita - RESTAURANT MANAGER (Mexico-France)


From far away, with a Mexican Background and a life experience in US, France, Israel, Egypt, Nigeria and Dubai, Rita speaks 4 languages and she absolutely loves italian food. She is the other leader of the team and last but not least...she is Davide's wife.

Gabriele Bisignano - Assistant Manager (Italy)


Young and full of energy and ideas, he is without any doubt the future of this family restaurant. Helping with the administration he is also working at the restaurant to make sure that the beers will never miss from the fridge!